Sound (Voice) Delay

Do you experience your voice delay on your TV when you sing? It is a common issue to all Karaoke systems, not only Magic Sing, but there are two solutions for this issue.

When you connect your microphone to a digital TV, there is one tenth of second sound delay – This does not happen to the analog TV. Since human voice is analog, your digital TV is trying to convert it to digital signal and it makes a delay during this process.

Game Mode

Setting your TV mode as “Game Mode On” will resolve sound delay easily. Following is just a sample, but not all TV has “Game Mode.” Please refer your TV manual for this function.

Separate Audio System

As the picture below, connect video input (HDMI or yellow jack) to the digital TV and audio input (white & red) to the audio set. You may need an extra extension RCA cable either for video input or audio input due to the distance between TV and audio set.

PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT to connect any audio cable between your TV and audio system.